Held every 4 years, this year in Rio De Janerio, 167 countries compete in many various sports & it's a Thrill to watch! It lasts a lil over 2 weeks. My favorite sport is gymnastics. Originated from sports events in Olympia, Greece very many centuries ago!
I can't wait til The Olympics start! I'll be glued to the TV & get to see excellent athletes from so many different countries! I love the opening & closing ceremonies too & the lighting of the Olympic Torch, the parade of flags from all the different countries. The Winter Olympics occur every 4 years staggered by a 2~year time frame from the Summer Olympics.
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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The only time that anybody will watch luge, curling, table tennis, ski jumping, or people swimming laps. Happens every other year, switching from winter to summer Olympics each time, often times being really awkward for the leaders of the countries who hate each other.
Right when I get really interested in seeing who wins in figure skating in the Olympics, they switch to curling.

The Olympics is that special time that ping pong becomes known as Table Tennis for a few weeks.
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015
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The way to see which country has the best steroid supplier.
Olympics are going to be lit.
by thepseudonymousbosch February 21, 2017
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The one time of year when Americans pretend to actually care about sports like water polo and gymnastics
1. I hate water polo.
2. Me too but when the Olympics start i will keep track of every game
1. Oh ya me too!
by 99Cole66 September 27, 2012
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the best friend you could ever ask for, sometimes they can be annoying cause they don’t understand you might actually have a language barrier. They cry with you when you’re sad and get high on static electricity when you’re happy. They r beeutiful and the problem is they don’t know it.
I have to tuck on Olympe, otherwise god know I might find her in my bed tonight.
by kkcdf October 28, 2019
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An sporting event originating in Greece as an honor to the gods. In more modern times it has become an international sporting contest were most of the world's countries participate every four years. The athletes selected to participate are their country's cream of the crop and represent their home nation with unparalleled pride. Being awarded a medal means you are one of the best athletes in the world. A pure and true athletic spectacle that has unfortunately received less popularity in recent years.
The true, original definition of athleticism originated at the ancient Olympics. Being allowed to represent your country is considered the ultimate goal for almost every athlete in the world.
by Matt..... August 9, 2008
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An excuse to see young people in minimal clothing.
*Turns on Olympics*

Guy: Woah, women's gymnastics!

Girl: Woah, men's diving!
by Vince50 August 23, 2008
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