extremely fat person that consume mass amounts of food in one sitting.
I hate going to the buffet and seeing all these gluttonous bastards
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
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Anyone of the eating variety. A person whom you can take a box of pop tarts and destory it in front of their face every single day for the rest of their life.
Jon is gluttonous. He eats alot, and he can't stop
by JNasty June 15, 2003
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A glutton is a person who eats an extreme amount of food and following this is either unable to move or runs directly to the toilet to vomit. Gluttony is also one of the seven deadly sins.
Pablo is an utter glutton. He ate 21 muscles while doing his newd n lewd dance. You sir are an utter glutton!
by Monyellious September 1, 2006
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Narendra: Damn Lorenzo! You came in here and ate EVERYTHING in my fridge!
Lorenzo: Damn I'm GLUTTONEOUS!
by Narendra Sharma November 18, 2002
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a glutton is a overeater
someone who eats alot of food a day may be a glutton
by freshprince February 11, 2005
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Josh gluttonized that cupcake, stuck the whole thing in his mouth.
by DwnTwnWill June 20, 2014
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A fat fuck who spends his time washing other peoples dishes, eating LAYS STACKS, and plays his computer while fucking jars of ketchup from newley opened SAM'S CLUB stores.
Kaleb Duet is a fucking glutton..... SO FUCK HIM
by Brian Bageron December 2, 2004
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