He is the best boyfriend ever! He might seem like just another stupid boy at first but once you get to know him, its impossible not to fall in love with him. He will say sweet things to you and tell you you are beautiful at any given time. He is a very protective boyfriend because he thinks your the most beautiful girl in his world and every guy wants you. He is so cute , funny and just amazing but he doesn't think very highly of him self and at times he doesn't think he deserves a beautiful girl like you. If you have a boyfriend or a crush named William , i want you to tell him how you feel because he is the type of person that will truly listen to every word that you say . Once you fall for him, he will always have a place in your heart no matter what you do.
I cant help falling in lovewith William!
by Rose.1239 November 6, 2017
Someone with beautiful eyes. Sometimes appears quiet, but get to know them and they are creative and inspirational.
Kind and considerate, sometimes lets others walk over him.
Like to listen to music that does not reflect his true personality.
He's just like William.
by TsubasaJiyuu January 29, 2012
A good boy that loves his mum
And plays way to many video games.
by DeadEnder36 December 24, 2019
An amazing yet difficult person. Williams tens to be such a charmer and will cast you under their spell with their smile. They tend to be runners but only to be running from themselves. They make the greatest Friends and amazing longtime lovers. They have the biggest hearts and just need to simply be loved. Never break a Williams trust because once you do their is no second chances. Learn to be kind and patient with a William and you will forever have a friend. Love a William and it will be the greatest gift of all.
girl 1: who’s that!

Girl 2: Oh that’s William he’s such a hottie and charmer and that smile omg!
by TwinFlame June 6, 2019
He's the funniest guy you'll ever know. He is hot asf, and knows how to make a girl blush. He makes your life better day by day. He is super cute, and treats his gf like a queen. He is loyal, humble, sweet, and respectful. He is suupper dirty-minded but it's super flattering and funny. He flatters you, and is a great guy. He loves memes, thickness, and anything anime. He is the best part of your day if you get to be friends with one. If you have the honor to have a 'William' as a friend you better be thankful because he will help you however he can.
"Damn William is super cute, and he's soooo hot."
A guy that can be the guy of your dreams. You would feel like he wouldnt notice you, but deep down hes proabably thinking the same thing. He's the type of guy that once you get to know him, you are like best friends and after a while you are pretty much falling inlove with him. He is an amazing kisser and knows where to touch a girl in all the right places. He is an amazing boyfriend and makes you feel like you are his only one. He's the one that you will have late convocations with on the phone until 3am. He will say alot of sweet things to you and make you smile every single day that you spend with him. A William is moody at times and he can get violent and agro, he also would do something that he would regret later. William is also a bit naughty, he will have dirty little convosations with you. He worries you a little bit, but he always tells you not to worry. He is a heartbraker, but he tries to mean well, Once you meet a William, you can never get over one. He would hold you in his arms for hours, kiss you on the forehead and tell you that he loves you, he will hold your hand infront of his mates, and tell you that you are beautiful. You will always love him in a way, and he could never be replaced. He also knows a lot about cars and auto racing. If anybody wants to know something about auto racing William is the one to go to.
William holding a girl in his arms*
by Turnop21 February 21, 2019