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The man that most anyone would agree should have won the republican presidential nomination in 2000, and would have been a far better president than George W. Bush. However, whether he would make a better president than Obama is highly debatable.

He is also a tough son of a bitch. He was shot down over Vietnam, took a bayonet to the groin, and was held (and tortured) for 5 years in a Vietnam POW camp. Don't nobody fuck with McCain.
Why didn't we get John McCain instead of Dubya?
by GAWII August 31, 2008
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Old. Very, very old.
Man, I can't believe we built this time machine and got it working! These dinosaurs are amazing! Look, it's a T Rex! And there's a velosoraptor! And there's a... oh, it's just John McCain.
by Pickled Pineapple July 10, 2008
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Pre 2000, a decent guy. Post 2000 a flipfloping political whore with bush's hand up his ass controling his every thought....which makes one wonder just where mccain's brain is.
John MCcain will lie to the religious right just like Bush did in order to get a job that pays $200,000 a year and then fuck the people that voted for him in order to become the United States first real dictator.
by kiobe May 16, 2007
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