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A local term in Oxford for a panini with pesto and double pepperoni.
"Hi, I'd like to order a Sven please"
by Not Sven November 06, 2018
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Someone or something that represents godly and strong. A person of this quality is brave, mentally strong - though they may not show it often, trusting, handsome, not very sexually experienced but a great lover, and is there for anyone that needs him/her.

A thing of this quality is usually fun, awesome, and something you had a good experience with. It also shows something that you want or like to have.
Such as: "Sven was there when I needed him."

"That car is sven."
by Halo_grl_899 December 10, 2006
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
the love i wished for
when sven came back in my life - i knew it was right.
by damien lux January 20, 2005
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sven - to be elite
A player once called sven played for sentient...he was elite!
by champ0r June 27, 2003
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Sven is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. He's sweet as hell and also half swiss. Can also be a total asshole when he wants to and when he's defending his best friend or his crush. If you're his friend, you're the luckiest person on Earth,
by carbon_copy July 14, 2014
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a person who is hot, stylish and has a MASSIVE NOB all the girls want him (even fat ones), girls find him very cute and sven is a popular outgoing and social person, so if you ever meet a sven your very lucky because he could be the coolest person you will meet

describes ' sven ' all over

r' dave'' theres r' kid sven in his new trackies''

betty b; '' hes a yummy mummy that sven''
by r'kid dave May 23, 2012
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