A dog who holds the power to singlehandedly end gaming week
If Sven dies this minecraft series ends
by Notmyrealname422 July 7, 2019
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Pewdiepie's Minecraft dog, Sven, is a dog with grey hair and a blue collar. He is one of Pewdiepie's last Minecraft pets. He is rumoured to be invincible, especially against creepers. Pewds' has warned that the series will end when Sven dies.
"Good job Sven!", "Sven! Have some steak"
by Wata Shjeep July 26, 2019
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the bouncer at Bergenheim that only let me into the club cause i said "ikea is from the underworld"
Sven likes it when i do drugs
by Ogre Saliva August 20, 2020
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Someone or something that represents godly and strong. A person of this quality is brave, mentally strong - though they may not show it often, trusting, handsome, not very sexually experienced but a great lover, and is there for anyone that needs him/her.

A thing of this quality is usually fun, awesome, and something you had a good experience with. It also shows something that you want or like to have.
Such as: "Sven was there when I needed him."

"That car is sven."
by Halo_grl_899 December 11, 2006
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People of this name tend to be big players. Don't let his looks and charm fool you, he's kind on the outside but hasn't found his true meaning so he's kind of a fucking dick. He's not even a fraction as smart as the carrot Sven eats in Frozen.
Omg did you hear Sven got head from six girls at the party
by November 7, 2020
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The dog of Pewdiepie who recently had a near death experience. Sven was trapped in an underwater cave for almost a week before his owner, Pewdiepie, saved him from the cold rapids of the ocean. He is known for living life on the edge, he has been seen walking on top of tall towers and jumping from them only to teleport away into Pewdiepie’s loving home.
Pewdiepie: Sven! No!! Swim upwards!!!! Don’t drown Sven!!!!!
by Molly_idk July 8, 2019
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A young man wondering why the fuck everybody's posting these lies they call definitions of their names.
"Hey, let's post more of this fuckery so Sven can see it."
by Sven.. November 22, 2021
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