U.S. Embassy: the one place you can find in every big town in any country, worldwide, where any U.S. Citizen immediately feels at home and can be sure to get the appropriate attention and service he knows: McDonald's
"If you don't have American snacks with you, you might be forced to sample local products. You might not enjoy these local treats as much as the ones you are used to, so don't take any chances. (...) -Use the Embassy"

(Source: htt p://w ww.nothingforungood. com)
by Mercator May 19, 2008
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Causing wonder or astonishment. Replacement for sweet. Derived from:
1) Embassy Suite
2) embassy sweet
3) embassy
Johnathan: I just found $100 that I thought I had lost!
Marlon: Dude that is embassy!
by Johnathan & Marlon January 12, 2006
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A McDonalds. Typically one in a foreign country.
If all the restaurants in Paris are treating you like crap, you could always go to the American Embassy.
by americanmidwestsamurai August 2, 2010
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The act of french kissing non-traditional holes of the body. Each hole that you stick your tongue into establishes an "french embassy," because you bring a little bit of France to that body part. When establishing french embassies typically more than one is suggested for effective "diplomatic relations."
Craig Ferguson thought a French Embassy wasn't a sex act. Well it is now, enjoy!
by Mystic-X November 4, 2011
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A sweet ass hotel owned by hilton, usually with a huge open area inside that you can fly paper airplanes and throw coins, luggage and your freinds down. They usually have free happy hour from 530-730, and you can get fresh omelettes for free for breakfast. Also each room is really 2 rooms, hence the name embassy SUITES.
1) Dad: hey guys I booked us 3 nights at the embassy suites for our upcoming trip

Daughter: thanks dad now I can get a shirley temple

Son: sweet! Do you want to fly planes off the balcony?

Mom: Ooh thanks honey now I can have some wine before we go to dinner
by Jason DeRolex June 7, 2018
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KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN(in any region outside of america,other wise in america it is popeyes and/or chickfila)
tyrone hit up the local Nigga Embassy yesterday.
by quandaledingle93 April 26, 2022
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a secretive sexual term for analingus. Like a french kiss, but more emb.ass.y. Generally used when trying to conceal the fact that you're talking about licking someone's butt in front of them ...
Joe: who's this ?
Jeff: This is Mary, we're going to the french embassy later.
Joe: nice.

Mary: ?!?
by wuntoothrie November 14, 2011
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