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An unbelievably backwards thinking, feces spewing vice presidential candidate with aims to allow rapists parenthood rights and bring american women the same rights as the Taliban.
Paul Ryan will do his best to make women second class citizens and bring his Christian flavored Talibanian ideals into law.
by Johan The Destroyer September 11, 2012
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Slut for the top 1% wealthy elite. Veep candidate for the Rich Flip Flopper Mormon. Thinks tax cut giveaways to the wealthy help to cut the deficit, just as George Dubya Bush thought. Supported the T.A.R.P. bailout when Bush's economic policies all came crashing down in 2008. Now he wants to repeat the same Bush failed policies.
Mitt Romney can't seem to close the deal with the rabid far right wing of his party so he's going with Paul Ryan as his running mate. Like John McCain's Sarah Palin pick however, it won't work.
by 4798 August 11, 2012
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Verb: to fill something with foul, Taco Bell-esque excrement
Adjective: to be full of said excrement
My baby just Paul Ryaned her diaper, her diaper is Paul Ryan-y.
by warriorpooflinger August 30, 2012
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A completely flaccid penis
Yeah I had a tinder date last night, but when things got hot and heavy he had a total Paul Ryan on.
by RIP BABY BOOMERS December 02, 2017
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A Republican, 7-term Congressman from Wisconsin, currently serving his 8th term. Paul Ryan is a complete budget wonk, and spends his time engaged in the (mostly futile) task of telling the government how ridiculous its fiscal policy is and begging it to come up with a tax plan that isn't 2000 pages long. Oddly enough, he seems to enjoy this role.

Many women (commonly referred to as Ryanistas) consider him to be the sexiest man alive and spend most of their days fantasizing about his body and sending hate mail to his wife. When Governor Mitt Romney announced that Mr. Ryan was his running-mate during the 2012 presidential election, Ryanistas all over the country had a collective orgasm and were incapacitated for weeks.

Mr. Ryan has faced criticism because he once referred to rape as "a method of conception." Apparently, the people who were outraged by this statement could not accept that his words were truth and refused to cut him some slack for his inelegant statement, forgetting that he spends most of his time crunching numbers rather than counseling rape victims.

Overall, a smart (although nerdy), somewhat charismatic guy with a ripped bod that most of his haters are either jealous of or secretly lust after.
Paul Ryan? He can get fiscal with me any time he wants.
by tvclotag November 28, 2012
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