Birthday of the most creative person ever. They are the type of people that will get used to anything and is the nice to everyone no matter what. They maintain a surface level positive attitude even in the worst situations. Go give this person a hug, they'll need it cause they hate their birthday even though it's sounds like the best since it's on January 1st.
Person: January 1st is the best day ever to have a birthday!!!
Birthday Boy/Girl: Wrong...
by HydroPath October 21, 2019
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noun: the first day of the new year, following extreme drinking from the previous evening (New Years Eve).

Today the world is a quiet place. Most businesses are closed, and all people are sleeping soundly in their beds, on couches, or wherever else they may have crashed on the previous night. This is the day that most people around the world are recuperating from the previous night of drunken new years celebrations.
I hereby declare January 1st the official day of recovery, happy new years!
by ae123456 January 1, 2010
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Eat peppa pig toys day (OFFICIAL)
TIK tok famous pig that we need to put on the hop for 10 minutes
PEPPA get in the oven boiii on january 1st
by OliiiDeee October 22, 2019
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Looking tore up or similar to the appearance of a post New Year's Eve hangover.
by 18andCounting February 9, 2009
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A day in which @_I_am_aQueen_ on Twitter was born and is now officially the day where all wonderful beautiful human beings were born UwU a complete sweetie pie. Also Capricorn season so we Stan.
Anybody born on January 1st is a sweetie
by Milkismyg October 15, 2019
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