681 definitions by michael foolsley

the creamy substance dispensed by the penis that is the literal "essence" of the male ie: ejaculate / spermatozoa
usually a spiritually damning battle is required to get it from point 'a' to point 'b' !
john couldn't find a milk maid to help in removal of his male soul milk !
male soul milk was playing havoc with jim's mental well being !
male soul milk wasn't published, so john went of to the "pickup bar" in search of a 'milk maid' !
by michael foolsley December 20, 2018
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aficionado of the female breast, lover of 'tits, etc
that ho-hum looking redhead hooked duane with her large chest, duane was a mammarian follower!!

if it had a large chest, steve would be hooked!, he was a mammarian follower...!
by michael foolsley February 11, 2010
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re; male sex: -applying 'grease' of any kind to male 'prime parts', before sexual 'travel' (singly OR plural!)

lubricating the 'ram rod' of the male to lessen friction, facilitating smooth travel from point 'a' to point 'b'
wut you been doing tom? -marinating my chicken!

i was marinating my chicken, to eliminate 'shaft burn' (urban dict.word!!)
by michael foolsley December 14, 2010
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huge mammary glands, transfixing most males!
she was the possessor of some massives, that dominated my libido.

my wife suggested those massives were bought from a doctor!

need my catcher's mitt to 'feel' THOSE massives!!

russ meyer WORSHIPPED! massives!
by michael foolsley November 04, 2011
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ejaculate/s, assorted body fluids!

-surely you're familiar with 'beef' by-products'??? i hope so, because even though i'm familiar with the term, after some 40 odd years, i still don't know exactly what they are??

one would find this term on the ingredients of something like say, "potted meats". -sounds like a 'marketeer special' term to me!...i guess in actuality, they would be chopped up animal buttles, or something close.

-either of these, 'pork' OR 'beef' by-products would make a 'dreamy' rock band name!! -any takers?? (of course, you won't want to publish this def. anyway, because its' too fucking good!!)
at carla's, i had to ask for a 'rag' to mop up the pork by-products!

he got pork by products all over his sheets, his 'jammies', his wall; everywhere........!
by michael foolsley February 07, 2010
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fellatio from non-jewish female!
ah'm gone get me some that pork shicksa-bob

chaim was getting himself some pork shicksa-bob!
by michael foolsley April 18, 2011
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look at that fat ass in his portable living room!

ah'm gonna get me one o' them portable living rooms, keep the wife and punks safe!

those hummers are the jesus of portable living rooms!
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
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