173 definitions by kate

'nesh' cold. taken from the french word 'neige' i persume means snow.
when going outside for a ciggarette 'its nuff nesh out here'
by kate December 22, 2004
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ooh that movie looks luscious let's see it!
by kate May 05, 2005
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The greatest band to ever rock the earth. Hailing from Virginia.
I went to a concert last night, and Mae rocked harder than you.
by kate September 18, 2003
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bestest persona in the whole wide worldy
"that girl is like mandsa"
by kate March 09, 2004
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A person that relishes in expressing his/her discomfort vocally (or whinges) at all times.
"Quit being such a mard-arse" (quit your whining)
by kate November 30, 2003
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When a public school boy wishes to mod up his VW polo and behave like lower class of townie motorists.
by kate April 11, 2004
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me. i am a pothead cause i smoke as much weed as i can. whenever i can..i do it!

dude, you are such a fucking pot head! Do you ever stop??
by kate April 19, 2005
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