173 definitions by Kate

1) school of higher education in austin
2) home to some of the best sports programs in the nation, great music, and diversity
3) we're texas!
1) i wish i was cool enough to go to the university of texas.
2) the university of texas is better than texas a&m.
by Kate March 27, 2005
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A truly odd and disturbing thing/person/both that you may find is threatening, odd, ugly, overly loud, drunk, or simply freaklike.
That boy with two noses is one helluva freakyass!
by Kate November 11, 2003
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a group of ppl who really really love a band and decide to promote it on their own time and they reep the benifits-- bombs away baby
by Kate March 8, 2005
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me. i am a pothead cause i smoke as much weed as i can. whenever i can..i do it!

dude, you are such a fucking pot head! Do you ever stop??
by Kate April 20, 2005
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Bailey and Ridgely, silf=sister-i'd-like-to-fuck.
Dude, the silf is rockin'
by Kate January 11, 2005
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