173 definitions by Kate

a group of ppl who really really love a band and decide to promote it on their own time and they reep the benifits-- bombs away baby
by Kate March 8, 2005
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An authority figure who takes pleasure in tormenting his/her underlings.
My devil boss hit on me again today.
by Kate November 22, 2004
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a drug, heroin. buying a pizza with pepperoni really means buying heroin.
i want my pizza with some pepperoni.
by Kate October 25, 2004
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1.:the pimp in the best brothel in town
2.:husband of madame nipples and daddy of the 'hos
Those 'hos are sooo Jazzo's!
by Kate February 28, 2005
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Some guy who thinks so highly of himself, that he added his name to UrbanDictionary.
Someone else expressing such narcisism.
You're almost as conceeded as tartarus
by Kate July 14, 2004
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one who drops a plasic egg out of pocket and all the candy falls out during a softball game.
kate is a easter bunny.
by Kate April 8, 2004
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Romantic, smart, charming, warm, he's all that.....
I discover something new about you each time..
by Kate March 22, 2004
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