Short for repost. When someone uploads a previously uploaded picture onto Facebook thinking it is new.
A: "Did you see the latest on Team Awesome? Its the only reason I ever go on Facebook anymore."
B: "They're all reeps."
by satorarepo April 18, 2011
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(n): a phrase used in situations that are simultaneously awkward, foolish and annoying. It is also used when in close proximity or as an acknowledgement to a person possesing such characteristics.
Person A: "That gentleman in the diver costume seems to be impressing the women again with his exploits underwater."

Person B: "reep!"
by orientDCLXVI May 14, 2010
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Longer version of the latin abbreviation "R.I.P", which means "Rest in peace". (Latin: Requiescat in pace)

Often used in video-games wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died in-game, especially in games where death is a very dramatic moment.
Often seen with multiple "e" to emphasize the tragic moment.
"OMG I died"
- reep !

"here we go, I just died at level 97..."
- reeeeeeeeeeeep !
by BryghtL January 7, 2014
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short for repulsive- originated by the coolest gurl in da world in Wiliamsburg Va on a school trip.(kat "fraplan" frabotta)
"EW that movie was sooo reep'
"i cannot beleive that reep miniskirt is $120"
by kabotta March 26, 2005
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To rape with cheeks pulled back.
Graci sitting in chair. Sofee pulling her cheeks. Graci shouting "Rape!" but Sofee thinks she is shouting "Reep!".

It is now a word used if cheeks are pulled back in a way of saying "Get off of me!"
by Graci October 31, 2006
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To make a pig like sound with your throat mainly used in grindcore, death metal, death core music groups.
Reep- a sounds like a pig squeeling used in heavy metal bands
by Nick Keeps it Croosh July 11, 2008
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Verb: Calling somebody else to come take your place doing something you agreed to do. Origin: "Calling a replacement" as a longshoreman.
I got into a pissing contest with the other swingman, so I decided to reep the job out.
by Mugger Jack September 19, 2009
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