The super-superlative form of the word good.
singular: good
comparative: better
superlative: best
super-superlative: bestest
by Qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp August 14, 2005
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A word that is better than best. Exemplifies that someone/something means a lot to you and are better than the best. They are the BESTEST.
by Alicia Kristel January 23, 2005
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to have or show exceptional qualities strong enough to be a described by a word that isnt technically a part of the english language
jemmy is the bestest, he is so lovely.
by abbeyiscool April 22, 2007
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Used to describe someone who was so amazing and so much better than the best that this word was invented for them. They are truly astounding and special. Only use this word if they are truly worthy.
My girlfriend is the bestest in the whole wide world and no one would ever be better than her.
by Eishen July 22, 2023
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better than best. Taking best to the next level.

Incorrect suprerlative form of best
"You're the bestest friend ever!"

"You're the bestest soccer player I've ever seen!"

"You're the bestest teddy!"
by Mary Kub November 4, 2008
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