Noun: A physically undesirable woman. She usually emerges from her place of dwelling (usually a cave) to attend parties in the hopes that they will hook up with a guy too drunk to realize how terrible she is. Terribles are usually are a breed of nuthugger, who will latch onto one intoxicated man in particular and will strike without warning.
Calling someone a terrible is funny because it uses an adjective as a noun.

by N.O. Treal December 19, 2005
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Used towards someone in jest who finds themself in a compromising situation or uses objectional humour

"You're terrible Muriel" repeated line from the Australian film "Muriel's Wedding
by mp01juve October 11, 2007
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Tara-ble. wonderfully terrible
ooo tara-ble
by woo November 10, 2003
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When an action, event, or sequence of events, is so bad the scale of it can not be easily explained.
You can’t imagine the terriblism of today.
by Scfc1 July 28, 2020
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