Noun: A physically undesirable woman. She usually emerges from her place of dwelling (usually a cave) to attend parties in the hopes that they will hook up with a guy too drunk to realize how terrible she is. Terribles are usually are a breed of nuthugger, who will latch onto one intoxicated man in particular and will strike without warning.
Calling someone a terrible is funny because it uses an adjective as a noun.

by N.O. Treal December 19, 2005
Used towards someone in jest who finds themself in a compromising situation or uses objectional humour

"You're terrible Muriel" repeated line from the Australian film "Muriel's Wedding
by mp01juve October 11, 2007
Tara-ble. wonderfully terrible
ooo tara-ble
by woo November 10, 2003
something that is more terrible
HIM : you're terrible
HER: well you're terribler

HIM: That's not even a word
HER: Yes it is look it up on urban dictionary
by smallzz101 April 22, 2020