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Lead singer & rhythm guitarist for NYC band Interpol.Paul spent much of his childhood living in various European countries before returning to America to study literature and New York University. His degree may be responsible for his unusual way with words that manifests itself in many Interpol songs. His vocals have been compared to those of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, but retain a certain level of warmth despite morose subjects.
Paul Banks is a shy but captivating frontman.
by Kate June 28, 2004

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Mmmbop (oom' bop) n. 1. An unrepeatable moment.

2a. A short frame of time. 2b. An instant.

(Latin: umbopus: A good time.)
"That summer breeze came and left in an mmmbop."
by Kate February 22, 2004

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city of Buffalo; where Buffalo kids say they come from
Frank (from Illinois): So Nick, what part of New York do you come from, dog?
Nick: B-Lo, and I'm not your dog...
Frank: ...Ok.
by Kate February 06, 2005

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cult sci-fi show watched by men with small penises and the women who love them.
My boss has mandatory Farscape marathons on Friday nights.
by kate November 22, 2004

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A fear of homosexuals (most likely for a ridiculous reason)

see: racist
Joanna: I just found out what homophobic means. It's like, sooo gross! I'm homophobic!
by Kate June 21, 2004

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