the smooth way to say hi because its cool
also see : Ayy
by 404 not fucking found February 9, 2021
Another Way of saying "hey" or "hi"
by Alex Rossiter May 11, 2004
1) Substitution for "Greetings!"
2) Dislexic Rabbi speak
3) Filler-speech when a need to look "gangsta" is at hand
4) Half of a "Yo-yo"
1) "Yo Homeslice!"
2) "Yo vei!"
3) "Dat Crunk Cup is the shit, yo yo yo!"
4) "I... forgot... mah... helmet... on... da... short... bus... wiff... mah... Yo-... *drools and falls off highchair*"
A greeting, can also mean a Woman friend or associate that isnt intimate which in plural is "Yos"
"With my bro and the yo"
by Bholdr May 12, 2020