anything different from the norm or "outside of the box." In sociology, deviance is not necessarily considered a bad thing, it is just simply breaking away from what is considered normal in a certain context.
Many people remain in the closet because they know that society does not accept their behavior. Homosexuality is a form of deviance. (but it is not bad, in my opinion)
by lesbo December 4, 2006
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Team DEViANCE - a scene group. It has released(including cracks/keygens) a lot of popular games rips.
Ohh DEViANCE release is out, no more waiting, I am gonna play Batman now!
by 2g4u December 28, 2010
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A word for people who are disclosed from main population, due to some handicap.
Retarded people, alcoholists, drug addicts, thiefs, gangsters are usually put in this category.
Sociology says that it's usually childhood environment which makes people have deviant behavior.
In poor countries DEVIANCE is more usual.
by Dr. Rollaer June 6, 2003
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That is a warez and demo group founded in the early 2006. They released games like Doom III, Quake arena, BF2, BF2142.

The group was founded in Germany.

Coders : FaTaL1, Toast , Underground , krossundercoVV , Matt , Your-nemesis
by fatal1. April 12, 2009
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Workplace deviance is a deliberate or intentional desire to cause harm to an organisation. This can be the organisation which employs an individual or an organisation of which they are a member. It is, perhaps, best described as “voluntary behaviour which contravenes the established norms of the organisation and, in doing so, compromises its viability.”

Workplace deviance can vary greatly, from minor non-violent misbehaviour to extreme violence, up to and including murder, but any of which causes harm or potential harm to the organisation. Broadly speaking workplace deviance falls into two distinct categories, Interpersonal Deviance and Organisational Deviance.

Interpersonal deviance is misconduct which targets specific co-workers and includes behaviours such as gossiping about them, blaming them for things that are not their fault, falsely raising grievances against them and so on. It is believed that these unhealthy behaviours may be due to jealousy of the target co-workers abilities or a sense of entitlement. In other words the misbehaviour has one aim, to benefit the person doing it.

Organisation deviance is behaviour aimed at the organisation itself and most frequently manifests itself as frequent lateness or excessive absenteeism.
Workplace deviance can be a symptom of a toxic workplace or a toxic employee.
by AKACroatalin August 18, 2015
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The state of being rebellious to knowledge. Intellectual deviance is most apparant today through the general teenagers' habit of mocking intelligence. "Nerd", "geek", "bookworm", etc. are certain slang-terms used by the populace to describe the intelligent. It is a subcontious fear of being surpassed by those more knowledgeable that causes this mass, ego-induced hysteria. If the knowledgable surpass one man, that man will soon become inferior, and therefore, no longer feel needed. (Feeling needed is the very definition of ego)
Those insecure children over there laughed at me because I walked into the library. I despise intellectual deviance.
by Draconysius June 5, 2006
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