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anything different from the norm or "outside of the box." In sociology, deviance is not necessarily considered a bad thing, it is just simply breaking away from what is considered normal in a certain context.
Many people remain in the closet because they know that society does not accept their behavior. Homosexuality is a form of deviance. (but it is not bad, in my opinion)
by lesbo December 04, 2006
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Team DEViANCE - a scene group. It has released(including cracks/keygens) a lot of popular games rips.
Ohh DEViANCE release is out, no more waiting, I am gonna play Batman now!
by 2g4u December 28, 2009
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A word for people who are disclosed from main population, due to some handicap.
Retarded people, alcoholists, drug addicts, thiefs, gangsters are usually put in this category.
Sociology says that it's usually childhood environment which makes people have deviant behavior.
In poor countries DEVIANCE is more usual.
by Dr. Rollaer June 05, 2003
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