173 definition by kate

the way spanish people say jesus
heyzeus christ thats a hot tamale
by kate February 10, 2004

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A barcrawl is an event planned by an organization or group of friends where people move from bar to bar at pre-designated times. The barcrawlers are often identified by a common T-shirt, which often has the bar names and times in case crawlers forget. Appears to have been popularized on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, due to the close proximity of bars and the bar entry age of 19.
Angela threw a birthday barcrawl for her roommate's 21st birthday, and the group got completely wasted at 6 bars in one night.
by kate December 02, 2004

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A really idiotic president who starts wars in various countries because he can, frequently chokes on pretzels and has two pothead hookers as daughters
GWB should burn.
by Kate June 21, 2004

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n. Slang term for cleavage. Refers to volume of breasts.
She lacked the proper boobage for that dress.
by Kate March 31, 2002

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A pretty boy who walks around with a skateboard under one arm and never seems to use it.

NOTE: is often seen crashing the mall with Avril Lavigne
"Hey check out the sk8r boi over there!"
by Kate August 09, 2003

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behaving not properly, being unreliable
If your girl starts to acting up break up with her.
by kate February 02, 2004

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A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement. Party.
I'm going to a do tonight
by Kate April 20, 2004

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