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Combination of Abortionist + Butcher.

A person who kills unborn children and occasionally Botches the dirty deed, injuring and scarring the woman patient, sometimes causing her permanent infertility.
That abortcher needs to realize his actions are simply murder.
by kate January 22, 2005
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An insult.

A person who deserves to be deemed as a crusted skin flake from someone's ass, or as dried shit that flakes off from someone's ass.
John, you fucking assflake! You suck.
by kate March 31, 2005
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to make a fact about oneself evident no matter how true it is (most likely to look and feel cool)
"she was billboarding the fact that she does drugs in front of the homies"
by kate July 02, 2003
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A Punk band from Melbourne featuring Simon, Dave, Matt and Xavier with smash hit song Scene Of The Crime
omfg that simon guy in negative purpose is so hawtt LOL! im a 16 year old girl!!
by kate October 16, 2003
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'nesh' cold. taken from the french word 'neige' i persume means snow.
when going outside for a ciggarette 'its nuff nesh out here'
by kate December 22, 2004
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