173 definition by kate

The part of the pizza that's left over after someone's eaten the part with all the toppings on it.
Bob didn't like the crust, so he left all his pizza bones on his plate.
by Kate April 19, 2005

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Hot headed member of the Sohma family Zodiac curse. takes the form of a orange cat. has a high temper. and very hot!
"what do you know you damn rat?!"
"this year I'm gonna beat you!"
"master! have you come back for good"
"she saw me, she saw me! it's all over, there's no hope..."
by Kate October 03, 2003

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A person that relishes in expressing his/her discomfort vocally (or whinges) at all times.
"Quit being such a mard-arse" (quit your whining)
by Kate November 30, 2003

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I really dumb and immature way of saying skater.
"He was a sk8er boi"
by Kate October 26, 2003

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1) school of higher education in austin
2) home to some of the best sports programs in the nation, great music, and diversity
3) we're texas!
1) i wish i was cool enough to go to the university of texas.
2) the university of texas is better than texas a&m.
by kate March 27, 2005

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Ugly woman
That bird is a right boiler.
by kate February 28, 2004

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2mg Xanax, as opposed to 1mg "footballs", or half milligram "peaches".
Take some four bars and you'll feel better.
by Kate June 19, 2003

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