173 definitions by kate

When it is as hot as Africa (ie. Saraha dessert and other equator regions.)
It is Africa Hot in here.
by Kate February 26, 2004
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Ugly woman
That bird is a right boiler.
by kate February 28, 2004
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Short for tight. See tight.
That new CD is so tite!
by Kate March 25, 2004
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the things that stick to the front of women and fat mens cheasts and bounce when they walk. If a bra is not worn they may bounce to much, even so far as to escape.
'o no, my boobies fell out and all the young men are starting. golly gosh, whatever shall I do?'
by Kate September 17, 2003
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An authority figure who takes pleasure in tormenting his/her underlings.
My devil boss hit on me again today.
by kate November 22, 2004
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To be hammered, incoherently drunk, having a good time...etc.
Tom was tatered last night.
by Kate December 07, 2004
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means that something is really gay, came from people thining only gay people have aids
This thing is gayer than aids
by Kate December 02, 2004
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