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A person that relishes in expressing his/her discomfort vocally (or whinges) at all times.
"Quit being such a mard-arse" (quit your whining)
by kate November 30, 2003
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The contemplation of presenting the middle finger in an offensive manner--usually in order to infer, "Fuck off!"
I have a serious problem with road rage. Every time I hit a little bit of traffic, I am struck with a strong case of medigiskepsis.
by kate May 24, 2004
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A word to fill up space when the brain is empty. Can cause irritation if overused.
How are you?
What'd you do last night?
Are you okay?
OK I'm leaving
by kate November 22, 2004
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ooh that movie looks luscious let's see it!
by kate May 05, 2005
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The greatest band to ever rock the earth. Hailing from Virginia.
I went to a concert last night, and Mae rocked harder than you.
by kate September 18, 2003
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bestest persona in the whole wide worldy
"that girl is like mandsa"
by kate March 09, 2004
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Lead singer & rhythm guitarist for NYC band Interpol.Paul spent much of his childhood living in various European countries before returning to America to study literature and New York University. His degree may be responsible for his unusual way with words that manifests itself in many Interpol songs. His vocals have been compared to those of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, but retain a certain level of warmth despite morose subjects.
Paul Banks is a shy but captivating frontman.
by kate June 28, 2004
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