173 definition by kate

"The best years of your life" as my mother says while she reads her 1977 yearbook.
Also known as Hell.
Contains a vast and diverse variety of teenagers yet they all fit snugly into categories and labels administered by their peers... some of the unfortunate ones are not teenagers anymore. We call those ones the slackers.
Controlled by sadistic "teachers" and "councillors", etc.
I fell asleep in English class and got in trouble with the teacher. I also forgot my homework. I got a detention.
by Kate November 28, 2004

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To jam is play jazz on a musical instrument such as the saxophone; or to rock out to your favourite music artist by yourself or with others.
"So are we jamming on thursday?"
"I'm jamming, what are you up to?"
by kate February 23, 2005

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Food that comes with twice the grease at half the cost, usually stored with excessive packaging and paper napkins.
I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's go get fast food.
by Kate October 13, 2003

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a little creature who steals your underpants and wears it as a hat... all for world domination...
i.e.: underpants gnome
by kate December 29, 2004

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A townie is a person whom spends their free time, hanging around outside the local MacDonald’s. The male specimen has a tendency to wear fake Adidas goods, mainly tracksuits. However, they are incapable of running - due to the horrendous daily intake of tobacco.
Both sexes of 'townies', wear fake gold jewellery bought from the market, or stolen from other fellow townies.
The female specimen, usually have bleach blonde hair, with about 2 inches of deep brown hair above. They too sport tracksuits, having words such as 'BABE' and 'PRINCESS' bore upon their chests. The females also spend all their time “hangin wit der homies” and attempting to pull an ugly male townie.

If you do unfortunately see a group of townies, you will see several young children running around, also smoking and trying to thieve off of you. This happens because a townie is very unfamiliar with contraception, and as a result has at least 2 spouses by the time they are 15. They also may carry at least 10 STD's as yet another result of lack of contraception.

It is good to try and avoid these poor excuses for people: if you yourself are not a fellow townie, due to the fact that they resent anybody who can spell at least one word correctly.

They also like to pretend that they are stoned and drunk to impress others. Even if it is only 10 o'clock in the morning.
TOWNIE 1: Oi, bubba - can yo see dose bunch ov freaks bruv?

TOWNIE 2: O yyeeeaaa mate, lets lob sum J20 bottles at dem!!

TOWNIE 1: Dat is a PHAT idea bruv. As a reward, do ya wanna sleep wit me bird 2nite?

TOWNIE 2: Yea mate, shes f*****' fit bruv!
by Kate February 16, 2004

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1)A replacement of "no shit" or "duh"

2)An expression showing that something someone said is obvious
Liz: Katy definitly likes Brad.
Jamie: Well, dur! She sent him 3 love letters!

Jackie: What's the capital of Wyoming?
Doug: Jackie, we just learned that in class today. You can figure it out.
Jackie: Uhm...Cheyenne?
Doug: Dur.
by Kate June 22, 2004

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Sometimes hott sometimes not he drives me crazy! But i love him anyway even if he duz confuse me at times.
Oh, look theres Riley. He is looking especially hottilicious today.
by Kate March 29, 2004

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