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a very disgusting game involving a cookie and a bunch of gay guys in a circle
by jim February 23, 2005
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a term for the thick creamy substance excreted from a mans penis after sexual activity, commonly refered to ass jizz, semen, nut, cum, or sperm
that dude sure has lots of man...aise
by jim May 06, 2005
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Fred always found it intensely embarrasing when his mum sent him down to the shops for man-hole covers.
by jim November 20, 2003
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A fancy sounding term for a handjob.
Im going over to Dana's later for some hot manual sex!
by jim September 16, 2005
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Slothlike, idiot. Lacking intelligence! In otherwords extremely stupid.
Dude, your fucking dumb. You pulled a Martwick.
by jim July 20, 2004
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Somehow connected to Jesus, Cydonia (on Mars) and the Egyptian pyramids.
Mary Magdalene on Mars? WTF? Just wait and see..
by jim May 01, 2005
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