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when air goes in and out of the pussy when having sex,making a fart noise
We were doing doggy when she queffed.
by jim May 09, 2004

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a phrase that the weak minded use to donate the fact that they did something stupid as hell because "all their friends where doing it" and they "just wanted to be cool".
weak minded teenagers suffer from this alot, constantly doing retarded ass shit because their friends are doing it.
peer pressure is an excuse for the weak.
by Jim October 01, 2005

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1: an AWESOME game serial by nintendo featuring the bounty hunter Samus Aran, the first female videogame hero.

2: A creature in the afore mentioned game. THese creatures express predetory and parasitic tendancies in that they latch on to their victims with their large mandibles and syphon the life-force out of them, leaving the victim dead and the metroid larger. They are green with a gelatinous but tough exterior shell containing 4 nucliei. They where created by the Chozo to keep the X-parasites on planet SR388 in check. In metroid they can only be killed by freezing them then shooting 5 missiles at them.
1: Metroid is a freaking awesome game!!!

by Jim October 02, 2005

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yummy orange ...things that taste good and are made by a tiger on drugs
mmm cheetos
by jim September 30, 2003

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English Slang for "What's up?"
"Wotcha mate!"
by Jim September 07, 2003

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1. Zion or "Shion", meaning literally "The Pure In Heart"

2. A place, defined in scriptural texts as a hill, city or continent, where the holy dwell and deity has His throne.

3. A mythical place of holdout in a popular movie "The Matrix".
And my people shall be called Zion, The Pure In Heart.

Ascend the hill Zion to the Lord's holy temple-or-Zion, a city on a hill.

The Matrix-One of the coolest movies of the last 50 years.
by Jim November 05, 2004

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its sick, little kids fucking is sick!
though, being 15, i wish i could see some 15 year old porn...
but the real young shit is fucking SICK!
child porn is sick as all fuck.
by jim October 04, 2005

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