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1. Originally Latin, Magus as a noun means "mage," or "wizard." Used as an adjective it essentially means "lord," or β€œsire.”

2. The word primarilly became popular because of a character named Magus from the RPG "Chrono Trigger" by Square Soft.
Joe is a Magus.
Magus Joe is a resonable king.

Ye gods, Magus was such a badass.
by NeoMagus123 December 09, 2004
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Janus is the son of Queen Zeal from 12.000 BC Dark Ages who got send through a Time Warp to 600 AD.

There he was found by Ozzie and raised to be the leader of the Mystics/Demons known as Magus.
He kills Cyrus and turns Glenn into a frog and fights a war against the human race.
However, all he wanted was to summon Lavos and destroy it to get revenge for his sister Shala.

When Crono beats him in 600 AD,he accidently gets send back to 12.000 BC and acts as the Prophet for his mother Queen Zeal (who doesn't know the true identity of the Prophet/Magus).
After Queen Zeal summons Lavos ,
Magus tries to kill it and gets defeated.

Later (if you choose to let him live) he will join your party.

After destroying Queen Zeal in the Black Omen, he finally destroys Lavos with Chrono.

Later, he goes back to 600 AD and tries to find a way to find his sister Shala.

He uses scythes and Shadow Magic.
His most powerful attack is Dark Matter.
"Play with fire and you will get burned" ~ Magus

"Playtime is over, DARK MATTER!!!!"~Magus
by Bari May 07, 2005
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The mage who led the Mystics in the war against the humans in the year 600 AD. (Chrono Trigger)

As specified above, there is no "n" in Magus. It isn't prefixed by "the", it's improper grammar. It's just "Magus".
Oh, great Magus, why didn't you just exterminate the human race 400 years ago?
- Medina Villager in CT.
by Nick July 07, 2003
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A nick-name given to a friend who claims to be dumb, stupid, or idiotic, when they're actually one of the smartest people you know. They talk down to themself often; and, though they may not show it at first, are very pessimistic. They are lovable and kind, and have a good sense of humor, and they are excellent at hugging, but don't let go of everything too quickly.
person one= "hi, Magu!"
magu screaming to the world= "I'M AN IDIOT"
by virgin toes September 04, 2019
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1. Evil, Strong, Sadistic
2. Master Dueler or Player Killer
3. Nudist
4. Loves Cookies
5. Has Occupation as Satan, And The Grim Reaper
6. Uses Evil Abilities, And Mystical Night Powers
7.Night/Shadow Is His Element
He's Almost As Good As Magus!
by RS July 24, 2004
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The Zeal of bad asses from the midevil age . A articulate vaine mage that is out for himself. Someone who can kick anyones ass anytime, anywhere!
Boy you best get back before I magus you and your friends. -beat down-
by Josh Mast June 28, 2004
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