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Super intelligent.
I am Joj.
by Jim September 25, 2003
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B.O.B. = Big Old Bird

A polite term used by a man to describe a fat girl as it's better than calling them a chunk.
Two mates are having a beer in a pub and a fat girl walks past....
Rich: I don't fancy yours much mate.
Alan: Yeah you're right buddy, she's a B.O.B. - a big old bird!!
by Jim July 19, 2004
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A person, usually a gay man, who loves getting cummed on or in. Sometimes by numerous people.
Mark went to the baths and got fucked by 40 men up the ass. They used him as a cum gutter.
by Jim April 04, 2003
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to jack off
Man my girl would let me hit so I went to the bathroom and hit a lick
by Jim November 24, 2003
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Usualy a teenage girl who feels she has so much emotional pain, that she literaly takes a knife to her arm. Cutting is lame and retarded and practised by emo's and pseudo-goths alike, but then there are girls who are "popular", but they say they are so tormented on the inside that they go home and cut their arm. this act of self mutilation is meaningless and anyone who cuts should be removed from all sharp objects and get a good punch in the nose.
watch the badly made/wrttien/acted movie "Thirteen" for a good example.
emilys a cutter. she has it all, friends, money, and a nice boyfriends.... oh? whats that you say? yea i agree, why the fuck is SHE cutting?!.... freakin retard.
by Jim October 01, 2005
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Latin women are very moody, jealous, fierce women that probably need a strong man to handlle them.

I've tried picking up on Latina's but they give me the "I don't go for white boys line" most of the time, the younger ones seem to be attracted to black and latin men some of the older ones go for white men, makes ya wonder if it's for the money...
who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? don't you know I"m loco....
by jim April 23, 2005
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fire crotch
when the curtains match the carpet aight
by Jim April 12, 2003
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