1. When a person says something so incredibly stupid or pointless that everyone present is speechless for up to thirty seconds.

2. When a person has nothing to say or says something stupid after a long string of insults with another person.
Joe: "Yo, Brandon! What's the English homework?
Brandon: "Did you know that Newton said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..."
Joe: "You lost."

Foster: "Yeah, well you're so ugly, when your mom saw you for the first time she said, 'Damn! I knew I should have just given head!'"
Gaylord: "W...Well...Just...Just...Just...F YOU"
Foster: "You lost."
by ccchazzz April 01, 2005
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a term used by message forum fags that have no lives. Usually said by a person that can't articulate an intelligent response in an arguement.
Intelligent Person: I think the new Kanye West CD will be good.
Message Forum Fag: You Lost.
by fha;ajl July 13, 2005
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If a mysterious, hot man comes up behind you and asks you this, you're about to have the best 365 days of your life.
by humannotkittens June 29, 2020
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It’s a game where if you forget about the game and then remember it, you lose the game. Or that’s how I learned to think of it.
Caleb- Hey, you lost the game!
Alexis -DAMN IT!!!
by Lonely_Ahh_Gal October 05, 2020
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If you bump into the insanely beautiful rock hard chest of a creepy, catastrophically hot guy and he asks you this....welp, you’re in for a butt shitty/spectacular next 365 days of your life.
He: ArE yOu LoSt BaBy GoRl?

She: Ummummgrmmepethethehth
by Gotabs560 November 22, 2020
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An interrogative phrase, (often accusatory) used to convey highly emotional feelings of confusion at the sheer absurdity of a statement made by the party in question.
Person 1: “Vin Diesel’s oily man pipes are the sex.”
Person 2: “Mafucka’, why you lost yo papuhclips?”

Syn: fail, lost yo shit, doin’ it wrong, you crazy

A statement used to admit personal shame or embarrassment due to an inability to exercise basic common sense (usually on account of laziness.)
Person 1: “…Shit, I got another 30.00 parking ticket.”
Person 2: “Didn’t you go buy the 20.00 city parking permit yet?”
Person 1: “Nah. Dude, I lost mah papuhclips.”

Syn: being irresponsible, lazy, dense, etc

Papuhclips disambiguation:
(n) a collection of objects which your typical editor/editorial assistant cannot function without.
Hence losing one’s papuhclips typically results in the loss of one’s most essential shit.

Publisher: “Yo, editorial staff, when are the paperback copies of our new release coming in?”
Editor: “…Shit, you mean they’re not here yet?”
Publisher: “(exasperated) Why you lost yo papuhclips?”

Why you lost yo papuhclips?

* originated in a 1970s episode of the children’s television show, Sesame Street, during one of the infamous Muppet/Child interview segments. The phrase was first uttered by young John Williams III (known as “John-John.”)
John-John is a small, adorable, chubby-cheeked child ----bearing a formidable resemblance to Webster--- who (in this particular episode) has the unfortunate duty of listening to Bert lament his petty bullshit problems.
The crisis in affect: Bert has managed to fuck up at the office, and lose his paperclips (FAIL!) resulting in an unnecessary emotional outburst, which he mistakenly unleashes on young John-John. One would assume Bert would be equipped with the appropriate level of responsibility, being that he is clearly an adult (as illustrated by his ongoing sexual romance with his life-partner, Ernie.)
However, as this segment demonstrates, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZPfBiseAXo) young John-John is familiar with the dilemma of losing one’s paperclips (See 00:14) , and clearly he does not approve of Bert’s reckless behavior.
Even in the spring of his youth, John-John recognizes that one must exercise personal responsibility for maintenance and care of one’s own paperclips. His insurmountable maturity is proven when Bert proclaims that losing his paperclips makes him sad, whereupon John-John asks (in a moment of philosophical profundity) “You make you sad?” (00:22)
This statement is designed to incite an epiphanic moment from Bert.
However, Bert is far too wrapped up in his emo world to take notice of that fact that he, himself, is responsible for his negative emotions.
John-John, we salute you.
And your papuhclips.
by Narco Polo October 16, 2008
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