1. When a person says something so incredibly stupid or pointless that everyone present is speechless for up to thirty seconds.

2. When a person has nothing to say or says something stupid after a long string of insults with another person.
Joe: "Yo, Brandon! What's the English homework?
Brandon: "Did you know that Newton said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..."
Joe: "You lost."

Foster: "Yeah, well you're so ugly, when your mom saw you for the first time she said, 'Damn! I knew I should have just given head!'"
Gaylord: "W...Well...Just...Just...Just...F YOU"
Foster: "You lost."
by ccchazzz April 2, 2005
a term used by message forum fags that have no lives. Usually said by a person that can't articulate an intelligent response in an arguement.
Intelligent Person: I think the new Kanye West CD will be good.
Message Forum Fag: You Lost.
by fha;ajl July 13, 2005
If a mysterious, hot man comes up behind you and asks you this, you're about to have the best 365 days of your life.
by humannotkittens June 30, 2020
It’s a game where if you forget about the game and then remember it, you lose the game. Or that’s how I learned to think of it.
Caleb- Hey, you lost the game!
Alexis -DAMN IT!!!
by Lonely_Ahh_Gal October 6, 2020
That's not an actual Game.
Friend: You lost the Game.
Me: You know that's not an actual game.
by AnonymousCunt1 February 8, 2021
If you bump into the insanely beautiful rock hard chest of a creepy, catastrophically hot guy and he asks you this....welp, you’re in for a butt shitty/spectacular next 365 days of your life.
He: ArE yOu LoSt BaBy GoRl?

She: Ummummgrmmepethethehth
by Gotabs560 November 22, 2020
Have you lost the fucking plot?!?!

(Brought to you from the scrupulous, impervious and enigmatic Steven Haynes. Remember no d's in gawtamn. Pause.)
Dad: Son, take out the trash.
Son: You take out the trash.
Dad: You lost your gawtamn socks?!
by kuttino1 December 17, 2021