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"Ayla's word, La mean big, vos mean fire." Lavos came to earth in the year 65,000,000,000 BC. He does not become a true threat until the year 1999 however. He is Magus's archnemesis and the final boss of Chrono Trigger.
Ayla: Ayla no give up, Alya win or die
Magus: Come on out, now...
by Jim June 09, 2004
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The final boss in Chrono Trigger. Looks like a porcupine with a large frontal vagina.
by Matt June 29, 2004
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to be very drunk, or the state of being very drunk.
A.J. - "You were so lavos last night."

Pat - "Was I that bad?"

Mark - "Yeah, you were so lavos that you called your brother and recited the pledge of allegiance, then asked him to take you to Sonic.
by Maak September 10, 2013
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A general refrence to someone who is totally better than everyone. An adjective of excitement.
"That guy is a total Lavos"
"Dude, that's totally Lavos!"
by Lavos March 14, 2004
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aka MIC aka brother of spille

lavo is a horrid, malignant spastic who enjoys using his own massive head as a microphone, he is one skinny microphoned cunt
"oi mic, turn malignant"
"have you still not succumbed"
"way to look like a mic there lavo"
by ug-tay September 28, 2004
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