466 definitions by Jim

That bitch has a sevre case of jizzphobia
by Jim April 23, 2004
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hey, look at them midgets doing 34.5!
by Jim May 16, 2004
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weak, loser, one unworthy of respect.
The Golden State Warriors are just punk-ass bitches.
by Jim May 7, 2003
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Acronym for 'Mother Fucker In The Know'

Came about as a result of too much smoking of weed and a poor sense of comedy
Check out mofoitk.com, that shit sucks!
by Jim December 9, 2004
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A week and a half, either ten or eleven days.
"You've missed a lot while you were gone over the weekins."
by Jim July 10, 2005
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n. stimulant pills to keep you awake. derived from truckers choice.
"I took some truckers so I could study 24/7 for exams."
by Jim June 25, 2003
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