This is one of the Legacy media's current buzz phrases circa 2022. It is usually part of the headline of a news story. It is meant to grab your attention with its imperative "YOU NEED TO KNOW". It is unclear what will happen if you don't know about the subject in question, however, the phrase compels the reader explore further.
Thinking about going outside today? Here's what you need to know.
by Dr. Zauis November 25, 2022
What some website domains say when they're

A: for sale

B: the website is down
"I think I'm gonna go to *******.com, that's one of my favorite sites!"

Computer: *******.com: What you need, when you need it

by Net_Bastard April 30, 2010
Self explanatory really.. what else are you looking for in a wife? Good sex? Good sandwich marking skills? Or what have you.. etc etc
Girl a) LMFAO when will all these crazy new sayings from pete laan end? 🤣

Girl b) hopefully NEVER! Lmfao fordayzzz over that shit. And all his silly pout selfies.

Then he goes on Instagram and posts 'what else do you need in wife?' directed at his beautiful girlfriend Ambeh Rose 💞

Comical stuff really.. oh pete laan ahah x
by Scriptures April 10, 2017
Korean slang used by the front wall stocker at gardners supermarket.
Ahhhh Peyton, Get what you need of my nuts bannging on the back of your assahhh
by Getwhatyouneed69 January 20, 2022
Person 1: blahblahblah nerd shit.

Person 2: you know What you need to do

Person 1:

Person 2: thanks.
by WrenFloof#0666 April 19, 2022