A disagreement on an Internet message board wherein one person says something wrong or offensive, and a large number of people comment in response to tell the person how wrong and/or horrible they are, and continue to disparage the original commenter beyond any reasonable time limit.

People commenting at the same time, without realizing others are jumping on the person as well, do not make a dogpile. The requirement is to join in with an angry group to yell at an easy target, or to get popularity points for being seen to agree with the group. They see that everyone else is doing something, and they copy it.

The original commenter typically does not respond at all, because they are completely overwhelmed or scared off. Once a dogpile has been established, an apology from the original commenter is less likely to be effective.
A dogpile in action

A 10:00 AM: "That song is retarded."

B 10:01 AM: "Um, that's really offensive."

C 10:01 AM: "That's not an okay thing to say."

D 10:02 AM: "Fuck you."

E-Z over the next 12 hours: "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE."

A: "Sorry, I didn't realize that word was offensive."

12 different people: "Stop trying to backtrack, you piece of shit!"
by boehnerinmypants April 22, 2011
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The act of everyone piling on top of one person, such as in a football game where everyone dogpiles the one with the football.

Or another example is, everyone attacking one person, even though they weren't present, simply because one person is angry at them.
"Everyone dogpiled his ex even though they didn't know her or know the situation."
by Kristilicious August 24, 2005
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a search engine that helps you find what you need like porn, music,wrestling.
i searched on dogpile and found some great naked hot girls.
by jiM March 12, 2005
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Stacking two girls on top one another for doggystyle sex simultaneously so both their asses are facing you.
Remember how after thanksgiving dinner I danza-slapped your moms and sister and threw them into the dogpile? Ur dad taped it.
by shelaleigh April 5, 2005
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4chan slang that refers to a person who has a sexual attraction to dogs or engages in sexual acts with a dog. Not exclusive to one sex and meaning can differ depending on the context. Often accompanied by the phrase “you just know”.

On boards like /an/ it is commonly used to describe single men who own female huskies implying they have sex with them. In other boards like /b/ it is mostly used to describe white women with large male dogs with the same implications.
In the most extreme cases and boards such as a “feral art” thread on /trash/ in can mean the knowledge of an innate sexual superiority of dogs over humans.
Usual case

Person 1: Look at my husky girl, her name is Roxy. I love to sleep snuggling with her.

Person 2: You just know this guy is dogpilled

Extreme case

Person 1: Have you guys seen the movie Balto? I want to fuck this dog Jenna so badly.
Person 2: based and dogpilled
by FlyingFrog762 March 5, 2022
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Fact that many women would rather have sex with a dog than an incel.
There are, in fact, more internet forums with women fantasizing about sex with dogs than there are forums dedicated to women lusting after male virgins, proofing the dogpill.
by Severin_Bro January 17, 2021
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