The last boss of any video game. One of the most if not the most climactic fight in the game.

Usually the most difficult as well, but in some games this is not necessarily the case.
Technically, Sephiroth is the final boss of FF7, but because it's a staged fight many consider Safer Sephiroth to be the final boss.

Ganon at the end of LoZ: OoT was weak.
A Stalfos is harder than him.

Halo didn't need a final boss. An all-out Covenant assault would have done the trick. But nooo, Bungie had to throw in that albino... thing.
by Cortana Dragoon August 26, 2005
1. The last, climactic battle in any video game.

2. The occurrence in which the most difficult class you take is the last one for the day.
"Dude, I can't beat that game, that final boss is ridiculously insane!"

"I really feel like going home, but I have to deal with the final boss first."
by taboruu September 7, 2008
The top Halo team in the World, consisting of OGRE 1, OGRE 2, Walshy, and Saiyan. Formerly StK and Team 3D, they have only failed to get 1st place at one Tournament since they started playing. They recently signed a contract with Major League Gaming worth 1,000,000 dollars over 3 years.
Aaaaand, to nobody's suprise, Final Boss wins MLG Anaheim!
by Ben Vander July 17, 2006
Quick masturbation session during a break from, or after a marathon of gaming.
I played World of Warcraft for 8 hours yesterday. I got wired from all caffeine, I had to beat the final boss before I could sleep.
by bruno13069 December 23, 2017
When someone has the attributes that might define a villain, such as power and wealth, without actually having ever done anything evil. Someone who looks the role of a "bad guy" without being one. A type of scapegoat.
Batman has Final Boss Syndrome; look at the guy wears all black and scary... Clearly the baddy.
by LaughingGhost May 29, 2021
1. An epithet for a specific Karen who confronted a male person of color for stenciling a Black Lives Matter chalk message on a retaining wall, located upon property which he owned. This Karen, echoed by her husband in the distance, insisted that this act was illegal and claimed to have personal knowledge that the man stenciling did not in fact own this property. While she asserted this false claim, she performed an insidious finger-to-chin gesture, apparently to convey flippant deliberation. The image of this action, in particular, made this Karen go viral. The sinister nature of this gesture, paired with her windswept hair and malevolent facial expression made for a disturbing portrait that inspired artistic parody and social media ridicule. Many drew comparison of the image to various figures from pop culture, such as witches, ghosts, and anime villains. This title itself is likely owed to such comparisons to iconic antagonists. Other epithets used in reference to this Karen include "Scary Karen," "Horror Movie Karen," and "Ghost-type Pokemon Karen," among others.

2. A Karen who's recorded egregious behavior exceeds the caliber of what most come to expect from the typical Karen.
Most Karens just throw a tantrum, but Final Boss Karen is just terrifying.
by Invidiosa March 4, 2022
Sometimes, people jokingly refer to the internet as a game of sorts, and, like all games, it must have a final boss. Who or what the final boss truly is has been disputed, but one of the more accepted claims is that the position is held by Scott Willoughby, aka StaringVacantly.
by Krem January 9, 2005