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entitlement: something all North American females have a massive sense of.
"If I sleep with a banana, it is empowering, if I sleep with you it is empowering, if I sleep with a woman it is empowering, if I dump you it is empowering, if I am mean to you it is empowering...oh, and if I am nice to you and stay with you it is not empowering."
by jethro April 6, 2005
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My name is Dr. Barister D,and I work in the International operation department in a Local Bank here in South Africa. On a routine inspection I discovered a dormant domiciliary account with a BAL.
Of 36,000,000 (Thirty Six Million USD) on further discreet investigation, I also discovered that the account holder has long since passed away (dead) leaving no beneficiary to the account.
The bank will approve this money to any foreigner because the former operator of the a/c is a foreigner and from Iraq in particular and I am certainly sure that he is dead, and nobody will come again for the claim of this money A foreigner can only claim this money with legal claims to the account Holder; therefore I need your cooperation in this transaction. I will provide the necessary information needed in order to claim this money, But you will need to open an account where this can be transferred. If interested send your private Telephone No. And Fax number including full details of the account to be used for the Deposit I wish for utmost confidentiality in handling this transaction as my job and the future of my family would be jeopardized if it were breached. I want to assure you
that the transaction is without risk if due process is followed accordingly. Finally, I will give you 25% for
your corporation. I look forward to a favorable response from you through my private e-mail address.
by jethro July 7, 2004
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abbrev: Soccermoms United in Vacuousness
"Our boys are dying in some desert somewhere for these SUV's"
by jethro January 16, 2004
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In the USA: Legalized slavery for men. Legalized "you can do no wrong" for women.
Marriage gave her all of the power and me all of the responsibility. If I spoke out against this, I was a rapist or a murderer. I guess I am forced to stay married or go to jail and lose my house and kids.

by jethro January 4, 2006
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1.) Point at which a male's opinions become utterly worthless.
2.) Point at which a male must spend weekends at the Mall
3.) Point at which a male must buy hundreds of shoes from italy
4.) Point at which a female stops working due to getting knocked up, thus forcing male further into the pits of hell
by jethro January 16, 2004
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1. Member in the online game community who has disappeared since becoming married to a non-gamer.

2. The act of disappearing suddenly.
1. Man that medic ruled! Whatever happened to Milhouse?

2. The ninja milhoused into the shadows.
by jethro December 31, 2004
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Though usually applied to the automatic shotgun, can be any gun that a player uses to kill an "l33t" opponent in the Half-Life modification, "Counter-Strike"
dude wtf using a <de/awp/mk5/knife> u luser and ur n00b cannon tat's the only way you culd beat me cuz i'm jesus
by jethro December 6, 2003
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