A pompous ass that writes opinionated and highly erroneous definitions and posts them on urban dictionary.
Self-proclaimed social scientist Dolphin_X's definition of "wapanese" incorrectly states that anime is made for and watched by japanese children.
by {no name} March 17, 2010
A homosexual space negro who has issues controlling himself around cocks,

He will shake violently when he realizes one is nearby, and then proceed to suck the newly found cock.
He also prefers to judge others based on his own insecurities, He's also secretly a negro weeaboo.
Dolphin_X: Feed... me.... Cocks....

Massa: I thought I told you to stay in the hotbox boy.
Dolphin: COCKS!! *Begins shaking and is then subsequently whipped by his Master*
Massa: I think it's time we got you to the Lynchin' line.
by Anonymous010230034 January 24, 2014
Prejudice, narrow-minded person who finds the act of belittling others' hobbies gratifying. Particularly used of those who pick on anime fans.
I can't believe this guy is spreading so much FUD! He's just a damn Dolphin_X.
by Jethro December 28, 2004