Bud from a cannabis plant that just aint no good.
Below Continental and and presidential
damn, man, how dare you bring this residential shit in my house.
by tucker c. October 20, 2005
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A homeless person or the condition of being homeless. The politically correct and kinder way to refer to a person without a permanent residence of their own.
That cat Mike who used to be in the hood, i heard he's become residentially challenged.
by residentiallychallenged February 14, 2018
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Horrible forcing school to teach people from otherparts of the world to speak and understand their language. And more
Person one: man, weren’t residential schools crap?
Person two: hell yeah man they sucked.
by Bruh_bruh_bruh_bruhhhhh October 19, 2021
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When something stupid occurs; is usually preventable.
Sheng: Freakin' Maithy trying to take a shortcut.
Timur: Seriously.
Maithy: *Lobster* *Lobster*
Sheng and Timur: Hella Residential.
by Im-friends-with-a-lobster March 23, 2009
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A residential school was a school made by the government and the church that attempted to erase the indigenous people from their culture and included regular sexual assaults and beatings from the popes and nuns
Man fuck residential schools and everyone who supports them
by memerinschoolnotcool September 29, 2021
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I thought these residentially challenged folks weren't allowed to panhandle on this corner.
by monkeyman1968 April 17, 2014
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Dorm has a negative connotation with it. Generally used as a place to sleep, shower and possibly study. Not much else. Residential Hall/Suite is less known, yes, and therefore does not have the negativeness of dorm. Also a residence hall provides its members with a socialable community in which the RAs and Student leaders provide opportunities for fun, learning, and leadership growth through programs, funtivities, and a hands-on way of doing.
Guy: Hey I'm moving into my dorm this weekend.
Girl: Not cool, it is a Residential Hall, you have a community.
by HeroofDarkness September 20, 2010
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