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An abbreviation of the word abbreviation. Tweens and adolescent girls in general are known to use abbreviations of words such as "jeal" for jealous "quest" for question etc. They needed a common word for describing the language of talking in shortened versions of words.
Wow she was abbreving so much i could barely understand her!
by xo lauren ox August 02, 2007
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Common abbreviation for `abbreviation'.
/*-breev'/, /*-brev'/ ........
by VAKI5 May 09, 2005
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the abbreviation of the word "abbreviation(s)", obvi.
-"do you know any abbrevs?"
-"totes, abbrevs are so legit right now, they're rad."
by abbrevmaster July 24, 2008
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shortened version of a word, place, get the picture
I speak in abbrev so no one can understand what the fuck i'm saying!

(ie Yoge's but first we gotta hit Dags & Stapes. Loves!)
by Scouts October 07, 2007
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dude dat logic though

wut about an abbrev. of abbrev.
by IADO-(_0_) November 09, 2016
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