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That act of spreading a girl's vagina lips.
I heard Sasha likes spreading; what a slut!
by Sapphybab December 27, 2015
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by January 30, 2017
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When you need to read quickly/at speed. It can also be when your just a naturally fast reader.
Keegan Worth started spreading late at night.
Drew Sandison is naturally good at spreading.
by PewdiepiePredator January 04, 2020
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When you spread your shit to form a solid layer. Remember to cover your ass when you take a shower to build those layers! Or just don't shower at all.
Guy 1: Damn man, I forgot to cover my ass and my spread melted from the shower.
Guy 2: Why the fuck would you shower in the first place if you're spreading?
Guy 1: idk
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by Benoodle5 April 06, 2020
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When you take some money and spread it out with both of yours hands. Your thumbs should be in the back while the rest are in the front and you just basically spread it out. (Ik this definition is trash but I tried)

Florida boys do it the best
Ayy look at jitt spreading his money
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by Ibeendat December 27, 2019
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