A handjob given while wearing black leather gloves.
My husband Sean wanted to be adventurous and asked for a murderer. So I put on my black leather gloves and gave him a handy in a dark broom closet.
by Stefalpha February 16, 2018
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A hobby that kills time along with its victims in the process.
"So, what's your favorite hobby?"

by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
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An extremely practical thing where some asshole you hate dies because you shoved a knife in his frickin back
Man 1: I murdered jim because he ate my pizza Man 2: Cool whatever
by Dukejr May 02, 2017
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Murder is like sex. Just like sex, murder involves one, two or, more than two people, animals or even people and animals. The only trivial difference between sex and murder is that sex is legal as long as it is not public but murder is totally illegal(just kidding). Sex and murder both have been a part of our lives since the primal age. Sex and murder runs parallel to each other for most of the people but when it coincides at a point, then only a person attains salvation.

The comparison of sex and murder which binds them together are as follows:

1) Just like sex, murder can be committed by strangulating(choking), shooting(skeeting), bashing(banging) etc.
2) If a single person is involved in sex then it is called masturbation while in the case of murder it is called suicide
3) Both sex and murder can either be a source of joy and pleasure(orgasm) for a person or can even arouse a feeling of guilt and disappointment(loss of hormones)
4) Both sex and murder can be carried out with mutual feelings between two people or it can be an act of dominance by making your partner submit to your destructive wishes or vice versa.
5) Both sex and murder can be performed by a group on a person(gangbang/lynching) or by a person on a group(reverse gangbang/culling)

Sex and murder do not belong to water-tight compartments. Often, the line seperating them becomes blurred in our minds and the intermixing of these two phenomena results in completion of a soul. Welcome to 21st sextury.
GF: Babe, are you gonna fuck me or murder me?
ME: Yeah, babe
by XxDanny_DxX March 17, 2020
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to destroy or obliterate a living being through excessive violence, force, or murderization
Thomas murderized Taylor with a spoon after Taylor created a perfect experiment.
by Thomas R. December 08, 2005
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To obliterate, destroy, or kill something, usually a living being, using excessive violence and/or force.
Another way to describe murderizing something would be overkill.

It is not used often, and even when it is used it is often ridiculous and non serious
Katelyn murderized the cockroaches with her flamethrower

Alex murderized his friend with a dull knife for his satanic ritual.

After being infuriated by her neighbor's actions, Natalie murderized the entire city with nuclear weapons.
by Axipixel August 25, 2015
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a misguided sociopath who wouldn't harm a fly; however you are not a fly, you are a human being who he is plotting to cut up with a chainsaw in his basement; he usually kills the black person first, then the people who have had sex, then the males that aren't very important.. the virgin girl usually escapes his wrath, however..
The murderer is my friend because I'm a virgin.
by BruisesOnHerEgo June 01, 2005
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