A demonym used to refer to someone from either the US, Canada, or Mexico.
Canadians are North Americans, Americans are North Americans, and Mexicans are North Americans.
by DaL33T May 9, 2011
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adj. / n. Canadian.

Usage Note:

This is a technical term frequently and exclusively used by many Canadian politicians and businessmen to refer themselves being as good as Americans, if not better.)
A: Our company is one of the best North American companies.
B: I knew you are American from the way you speak. Are you from the north part of America?
A: No, to the north of America.
B: Oh, you are Canadian.
by Outsidebox January 3, 2011
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A person who resides in or hails from the USA or Canada. This term is only used by Canadians, who use it in order to feel like Canada and the US are part of the same thing while most US citizens tend to forget about Canada. Canadians use this term with total disregard for the fact that the continent of North America also includes the nations of Mexico, Belize, Nicaraugua, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. But the people who live in those countries aren't, you know, white.
LCD Soundsystem: "We are North American scum."

USA-type person: "So... You're Canadian, then?"

LCD: "Ummmm"
by Dj Licious June 19, 2009
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bush: hey harper, my country is failing, let's make a superpower and call it the north american union.

harper: cool, let's just not tell anyone.
by thundermoose October 12, 2007
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When an American has sex with either a Canadian in Mexico or an Mexican in Canada.
"Did you hear that Jake completed the north american trifecta during spring break in Cancun"
by Hittin it from behind January 10, 2013
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The North American Union is the event that will make thousands of American, Canadians and Mexicans shit their pants to the point of no return.

It will make Mexico, The US and Canada into one giant country, with one currency called the Amero and open borders allowing all citizens of the three countries to travel, live and work freely in either land. Very much like the European Union. Some ignorant people think of this North American Union as a myth, but then again, the European Union was a ¨myth¨ too and see what happened?.
¨The North American Union sure made things alot easier for the goverment to know everything about its citizens! Did you get your RFID chip implanted in your arm yet? I did along with my National ID and a 10 Ameros cuppon to buy food at Mexicamericanada Mart! ROFL¨
by superduperrofldude August 29, 2009
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a slang term for a black person who lives and dies in the ghetto. that same person who leeches off the government; fills up 2 shopping carts of food (pizza's, chicken, steaks then pulls out the Link Card and bitches when they're $9 short of the total order and has to put back the most expensive steaks in the entire grocery store
i was coming home from the stoe and saw some of those
North American uprights in there and they was just trifling and causing a ruckus.
by taco seasoning June 27, 2006
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