FUD is an acronym for "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt" and is commonly used in the cryptocurrency community as a short way to describe negative information about a blockchain based currency or asset.
by goodcore May 16, 2016
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don't believe Microsoft's FUD -- Mozilla is off the hook
by you October 28, 2001
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Scottish slang term meaning pussy, vagina, muff, cunt
"Your a fud"
"I rolled over in bed and accidently kneed her in the fud. She woke with a scream and punched me in the balls"
by big gee from glasgow April 29, 2005
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Fully Un-Detected
I just created a virus that is FUD!
by Chris4 March 10, 2009
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The Epicurean way offers such refreshment in the face of extremism, division, and as my father would put it: "fud” (fear, uncertainty and doubt).
by The Autarkist December 20, 2014
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There was a lot of FUD around the result.
by neonhest September 16, 2006
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