56 definition by jamal

To get punked or to get embarassed. Anything that would make a crowd of people say "ohhh that kid got wowed"
My dog farted on my bed and jumped off to let me smell the stench. My ass god WOWED
by JAMAL August 01, 2004

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hell yea
fo shizil son
by Jamal February 23, 2003

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A man with a huge penis and extreme hotness. Makes women have orgasms after 3 seconds. Sex.
wanna have Banschick?
by jamal January 27, 2004

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an insult meaning, because of a constantly congested nose, your voice sounds like a termite flatulating


you use this condition as an excuse
"You are a whimpy nasal bronch!"
by JAMAL May 31, 2003

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Pussy ride deluxe
Damn, that car is the smallest PRD i eva seen nigga
by Jamal January 03, 2003

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A sophisicated word for breasts
golly, look at them floppels bouncin' in the wind
by jamal January 29, 2005

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synonym for thug
yo what up seckoshimi
by Jamal April 29, 2003

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