56 definition by jamal


a want to be gangster who "never pops nothing, never cops nothing, and needs to stop fronting"
ja rule is a crack a wanksta cuz dat foo be frontin and not representin.... yo
by jamal April 21, 2003

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nice girl wit some big ol boobs.somebody dat i woulda hollad at
by jamal March 17, 2003

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1. The act of beating someone with an inflatable peanut after having been wallopped with a smorgasbord of woopshnit.
"Jamal mishpopped me yesterday!"
by JAMAL May 31, 2003

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Unable to be reached.
Damn Jamal's basketball skills are untouchable!
by Jamal August 11, 2002

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A black man's big penis.
Damn Jamal you got a big ass jangileg!!!
by Jamal April 17, 2004

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An Emcee of undisputable quality.
Boy, that Jumaphist is a killer MC.
by Jamal October 05, 2004

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something shocking. when something outrages happens
jamal got mad brains? SHOGGGGG
by jamal February 15, 2005

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