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Boneless - the opposite of bone in
don't put bones in people's shit, keep it boneless.
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by bone in July 08, 2017
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1. Becoming intoxicated to the point where you fall to the ground exclaiming bone loss.

2. Too intoxicated to maintain average human structure.

3. The need to be "shoveled up" due to sudden loss of bones. Body typically placed in duffel bag until bones are recovered.
"I was so drunk i went boneless in the bar and got kicked out"
by DTFrawdog December 22, 2009
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When something is completely devoid of any and all flavor. An edible, albeit tasteless substance.
"It tastes really, um… boneless…? It tastes like… Like I'm eating plain oatmeal… It's pretty impressive that you put so many ingredients into a dish and it came out tasting like nothing."
by harper October 26, 2012
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an aerial skateboard trick invented by Gary Scott Davis(GSD)and a friend of his back in the early to mid 80's. They got the idea from a fast plant but instead of planting the back foot, planting the front foot. This gave them a lot more lift. It soon became the most popular way to get into the air up until the flatground ollie.
It also is a very impressive vert manuver if done smoothly. The texan skater Jeff Phillips(R.I.P.) was well known for his huge, stylish frontside bonelesses.

The name came from a puppet that GSD had as a child called "Harry the bonelessone." So the real name is boneless one.
dude, did you see that dude pull a boneless one on that quarter pipe? You hardly ever see those nowadays!
by Buck Buleza September 18, 2006
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An oldschool skateboard trick with a strange name. You grab your board with your hand, step down with your front foot and jump off the ground holding your deck and with your back foot on the deck. Land on the deck and roll away.

It also has some variations, as can be seen in various ol'skool skate videos.
by murhaaya May 03, 2005
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Being severely under the influence of drugs/alcohol and having a lot of fun when with friends.

People who are described as Boneless normally are dancing and speaking to lots of people, yet have drooping eyelids/slurred speech or are chewing their face off.
'Did you see Dale at the Snakepitt show last night? He was BONELESS!'

'I went out with Jeska last night, we got completely boneless'
by Python. December 13, 2009
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commonly occurs when drinking in large amounts
"gavan and i drank a whole bottle of jack and then tried to skate, we were both completely boneless"

"i drank to the point where i became boneless last night, i couldnt keep myself off the floor no matter how hard i tried"
by surfs-up-brah October 18, 2007
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