When a person bowls 3 spares in a row in a bowling game. It's kind of like getting Turkey in bowling, but not as good. Similar to how Tofurkey is kind of like eating a Turkey, but not as good.
Guy 1: "Yo dude check it out!"
Guy 2: "Check what out? You only got a spare"
Guy1: "Yeah but that's 3 in a row, I got a Tofurkey"
Guy2: "Yeah well do it with strikes, than that'll be something to brag about"
by Some Good September 23, 2011
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1) Slang for turkey.

2) Tofu that is shaped like a turkey.
1) Tofurkey? Shizzle! I'll make craizizzleberry and some bizach-slapped potatoes, yo!

2) I wasn't talking slang, you moron! I was talking about tofu shaped like a turkey!
by Psychic Jack January 19, 2004
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a dance that incorporates three elements: a goofy chicken dance, Miley Cyrus's twerking, and a gobble-gobble yodel.
Look *insert name here* is tofurkeying all over the dance floor, and it's hawt
by bahyphenated October 16, 2013
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A traditional Thanksgiving meal; tofu molded as a shaped of a turkey.
Good thing Jack prepared tofurkey for Thanksgiving, because none of his guests eat meat.
by eatbleach December 03, 2010
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1. Tofu molded into the shape of a turkey.

2. Anything that is cool, hip, funky, or has a resemblence to tofu.
1. We ain't be having no real turkey fo thanksgiving. Only tofurkey.

2. Gotta get my girl something tofurkey.
by Jamal in d House March 11, 2005
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