when you big scotty pimpin piping down a bitch
I just gave that bitch some mop mop.
by SimmyUh October 21, 2019
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v. to shoplift, to steal.
Drag queen: Gurl, the only way you got that Versace dress was you been mopping.
by fritterfae October 22, 2013
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A firearm with a large capacity magazine. It can be any type of firearm but it is commonly referred to handguns and machine pistols.
" Got adrenaline to drill an opp, I'm in the park wid the Mop"
Poky - Kick Down Doors

"22 shots that's a Mop nigga"
Rondonumbanine - Play For Keeps
by Star9 March 16, 2017
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hawaii slang for good-tasting
ho brah gremlins is mops
by Akaka Roache February 8, 2009
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Mop is to steal something. It originated in ‘80s New York City in the LGBT+ Ballroom Scene.
Angie: And this is your present Venus!
Venus: Mother, did you mop this?!
Angie: Nuh-uh, I saved my coin child!
by aurora diamanté March 24, 2019
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