v. to desire a member of the opposite sex

n. member of the opposite sex looks good enough to eat

v. to eat
v.I'd meal on her

n. she's meal

v. let's go meal
by theVtheory October 9, 2010
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Getting blowjobs from hott chicks, hot chicks in general, boning hot chicks, big party with lots of hot chicks.
by Mealfest 09 October 16, 2009
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noun describing a boy that is so metrosexual he misewell be gay, even tho he is not litterly. A meal is a boy that is obsessed with singing, keeping his hair inline, tanning, and his clothes
katie: notice anything different about me? i went tanning!
lauren: yeah i can tell, you're looking kinda meal actually. its grossing me out

tommy: i am your brother, your best friend till the end of timee (singing)
cool guy: dude if your gunna be meal, i'll be you up

by thoseeyes July 26, 2008
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Noun. A shit you haven't eaten yet.
I don't give a fuck what the meal tastes like. It's just something for me to shit out later.
by Captain Cheesey April 17, 2010
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The single meal consumed by recent college students/college graduates - particularly liberal arts majors - who are too poor to afford to eat multiple times during the day. Can be comprised of anything, but usually contains some sort of "real" food (vegetables, even if canned), or a close proximity such as TV-dinners. Generally eaten in late afternoon to stave off hunger pangs during the night.
Frederick's stomach was growling, it was almost 7PM and he had yet to eat meal.
by Jdwolff September 21, 2007
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noun: A game played by an indivdual whilst walking down the street. The individual is hungry but is deciding whether or not to actually go in a store and purchase food.

This game usually involves talking to the banker, which in fact is the persons own wallet. If you cant afford it then its "No Meal!!"
Bob: "Hey man what did you do yesterday? I tried calling you"

John: "Oh yeah, I was walking through the food court in the mall playing Meal Or No Meal. The banker only offered a dollar fifty so I said No Meal."
by BizzleJTOWN September 29, 2010
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A meal is when someone is lookin full course delicious. Like you just wanna give them the hyucc.
"Damn, Keith over there looking like a MEAL."
by Bitch sit down! January 29, 2017
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