56 definition by jamal

A grade I will never get in school.
You didn't get an A+ on your paper, you got a F.
by Jamal July 26, 2002

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A prostitute who f***ed the monkey Boots, while singing with her backpack and her map. She doesn't like swiper because he didn't pay her for "pleasure".
Dora Dora Dora the biiiotch
by jamal February 18, 2004

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A huge black dick!
My mandango can't stay in my pants.
by Jamal April 17, 2004

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A mexican entree best consumed with beer.
I would like to have a fish taco for dinner, please.
by Jamal April 27, 2003

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a jewish homosexual; just a gay man in general
That guy is such a fagle!
by Jamal January 07, 2005

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When combining all drugs possible into one low-carb meal.
"Dude, didn't Rick die from that drug salad?"

"Yeah but it was totally worth it, nice trip."
by Jamal June 03, 2004

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you have sex with a girl then you leave. you rip and then dip.
Damn that girl is rip n' dip, im gonna take her home tonight.
by jamal February 12, 2005

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