56 definition by jamal

started up in brooklyn o nyc sumtin like that, it means BYE
ben- aight, peace
jak- yea, dih
ben- i'll c ya later
jak- dih
by Jamal July 26, 2003

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to be fuckin aswsome
Dat nigga pulled a womble and broke his ankles
by Jamal December 04, 2004

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a gang located in naples consisting of 6 people that go around acting gangster.
oh my god rip n' dip crew is coming lets hide before they kick our ass!
by jamal February 14, 2005

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Gary is a choch.
by jamal July 18, 2003

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The shitiest animated show in the history of shit. Show where freaks with big hair put back there handz and stick them in their ass then stick it in someones fuking face. In every episode they all get constipated and take steriods so they get big n stuff.
"Goku will go to the most powerful form on the planet once he takes a "senzu bean(otherwise steriods)" and shoves it up his ass to get to kaioken."
by jamal April 04, 2005

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something thats crazy, sexy, or cool.
shaniqwa got her hair braided. That shit redundant.
by jamal February 14, 2005

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A black person who is to like a white person and doesn't talk to blacks. A racsist term.
Vince is an Uncle Tom!
by Jamal April 17, 2004

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