WIP is an acronym for Work In Progress.
Dave: Wow, your project is horrible!
Kai: Hey, it’s just a WIP!
by Slhapp Thatahse October 25, 2017
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Stands for work in progress, usually used online on oekaki boards.
I haven't finished my drawing of a moose it's WIP
by YEAH! January 22, 2005
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Short for when a wee turns into a poo. - When an individual enters the toilet intending to urinate but ends up dropping a load.
Mike) Soph went for a waz like half an hour ago.

Tom) Sounds like a wip situation to me man!

Mike) Yeah thought I could smell the scent of catfood drifting from the toilet.

Tom) What?!
by EggClaires October 19, 2011
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Short for Women-in-prison, used to refer to the genre of exploitation movies.
Wendy O. Williams starred in Reform School Girls, the most famous WIP movie of recent years.
by Godard July 10, 2008
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A particular kind of pantry that one can walk into. A walk-in pantry
Boy, "wanna see my room?" *;)
Girl, "woa there's so many food scraps in here it's like a WIP, I'm leaving, this is disgusting"

The place to get the ingredients for a sammich
by Builderrrr October 24, 2011
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Web Important Person; someone whose fame results in large measure from her virtual presence, a web personality.
Beppe Grillo, before he was a viable political candidate in Italy, was a WIP, having established name recognition for himself through the worldwide web.
by bjob2940 February 26, 2013
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