55 definitions by Jamal

when something is cute or when somebody is sad or hurt.
jaquida is hiv positive....porecita.
by Jamal February 14, 2005
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you have sex with a girl then you leave. you rip and then dip.
Damn that girl is rip n' dip, im gonna take her home tonight.
by Jamal February 12, 2005
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a gang located in naples consisting of 6 people that go around acting gangster.
oh my god rip n' dip crew is coming lets hide before they kick our ass!
by Jamal February 14, 2005
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some rich black areas, other than that mostly ghetto and full of drugs and crime, largest black county people wise and percentage wise in america,known for police brutality
takoma park, hyatsville,college park,greenbelt,langley park,laurel.....
by Jamal July 17, 2004
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