An American. Ryhming slang "yank" = "septic tank"
Used a lot in the London financial markets.
The septics sit in the big glass offices and do nothing.
by Crouchy April 1, 2003
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Relating to sewage. Can also be short for "septic tank", or an underground container where sewage and sink waste is drained to.
I had to hire a plumber to fix the leaky septic under our yard because shit was bubbling to the top.
by AYB April 1, 2003
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Adjective :
.To do something that effects many people in a negative way.

.to cause a sorrow, anger, or confusion in a way that ot causes a chain reaction

.intend to create comotion

.to be intoxicated to the point of sweating the alcohol through your skin or becomong very ill
She is so septic I could no longer be her friend.

My septic roomate ruined my couch lastnight.

His actions were so septic she wanted to leave town.
by Cort's Aunt Ella October 8, 2015
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verb.: an event that has been dissatisfactory
adj.: bad; gross; dissastifactory; smelly
ex 1. That dance was the most septic thing I've ever been to.
ex 2. Latoya's septic attitude has become so annoying.
by jo jo jo bitch bojangles August 14, 2006
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An adjective denoting the categorical suckiness of anything considered; a direct antithesis and negative reaction to the popularization and ubiquity of the word "epic" which is normally applied to anything that is considered awe-inspiring, breath taking, illuminating, etc.
2Pac - Heard that new Lil' Wayne joint?
Bigge - Yeah, that shit was septic. It really sucked.
by Craig an' Nem February 20, 2011
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Cockney ryhming slang for a yank (american). The whole phrase is 'Septic Tank' - but as with most cockney ryhming slang the first word is used only. The reason for the link is that, like a septic tank nobody likes a filthy stinking american!!!
What are you fucking shooting at me for you filthy fucking septic cunt, im on your side!!!!
by Stan February 18, 2004
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Septic is rhyming slang for american.

Septic is short for septic tank, which rhymes with yank....

So If you say you are anti septic, it means you are anti american!
My mate barry is an anti septic!
by Ellie December 1, 2003
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